Tecsud SAS, reaffirms its commitment to safeguard the physical and mental integrity of its employees, suppliers and contractors, and based on it will take necessary actions to prevent the possession, use and / or sale of alcohol or psychoactive substances within the facilities of the company or working on their foreheads, as such establishes the following provisions:

  1. Should provide a safe environment to ensure that employees perform their work in a healthy, sober, efficient and safe manner and so in this way to protect the integrity of people, property and company image.
  2. Prevention campaigns are conducted in the consumption of alcohol, psychoactive substances and snuff, indicating the harmful effects to the health of each of these substances.
  3. At construction sites and temporary camps that take over the project implementation areas will be designate for smokers.

No worker is fixed, temporary or contractor may come to work in alleged intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or psychoactive substances.

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