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Tecsud S.A.S. Is a Company dedicated to the commercialization of technology, equipment and cutting-edge solutions for maintenance and quality control. Tecsud was founded on November 5th, 1999.

For over twelve years Tecsud has been at the forefront, providing technological solutions to the productive sector related with  quality control of products manufactured with plastic materials, composites, fibers, coatings and related products.

Similarly has delivered technological solutions related with preventive and predictive maintenance of manufacturing, oil, petrochemical, aviation sector, among others.

These objectives have been achieved by associating local human talent, international human talent and international manufacturers representing, world leaders in technology development of industrial inspection.

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(57-1) 3593998, (57-1)-3593997, (57-1)
Móvil: (57) 314 334 1773, 314 334 1765, 310 240 7596
Dirección: Calle 31 # 13A-51 Torre 1 Oficina 210
Bogotá, Colombia

USA o PANAMÁ Phone: 
1 630 352 4831

QUITO Phone: 
(593-2) 250 0030
Móvil: (593) 099-5060959
Dirección: Av. 12 de Octubre Nº 2697 y Abraham Lincoln. Edificio Torre 1492, Piso 15 Oficina 1501 - Quito, Ecuador

E-mail: info@tecsud.com

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