To Tecsud SAS, corporate social responsibility (CSR), in its strategy seeks to involve different interest groups to contribute to the sustainable management of the organization.

Sustainable Objectives to interest groups:

Each one of our interest groups has a compromise and a sustainable objective. For the shareholders seeks to create sustainable economic value and strengthen the reputation of positive social impact.

For customers we are looking for whole satisfaction and loyalty trying to exceed the expectations and needs through the process of continuous improvement.

For workers and their families we seek to promote the welfare, development, and productivity by supporting internal training programs and sponsorship in academic programs languages, technical or professional.

For the environment we seek to offer technological solutions with low or negative environmental impact, inclusive with the possibility of replacing existing technologies with high environmental impact.

For the community we seek to contribute to the development and welfare of academic of the economic sectors and business communities of influence by different training programs and divulgation of new technologies, also, through the processes of specifical training for the proper use of technological solutions, supplied by Tecsud SAS.

For providers we are looking to develop long-term relations beneficial structuring appropriate communication channels for both parts.

Corporate sustainability indicators 2013

With the implementation of our integrated system of management we are strengthening our processes and operations to achieve corporate sustainability, guaranteeing the future and competitiveness of Tecsud SAS. Using of responsible form the own resources of our productive activity generating value for both partners and for all people interested in the Company.

The main piece of sustainability is the veracity and credibility of the assertion. so here are some results presented in 2013, as a result of our commitment with the perdurability of the company:  


  •  Saving light: 95%
  • Saving water: remained at annual average of 1 M3



  • PERSONAL TRAINING: In 2013 was held 87% of the scheduled training (training conducted / total scheduled trainings)
  • SOCIAL ACTIVITIES BIENESTRAR • In 2013 was held 100% of the planned activities (activities / total programmed activities)
  • OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH ACTIVITIES In 2013 PERFORMED 87% of the planned activities (activities / performed total scheduled activities.

RELATIONS WITH THE LOCAL COMMUNITY Donate Equipment to educational institutions to support of technological practices.

SOCIAL ACTION Donate to Foundations protecting to the unprotected children through training and providing training to adolescents offering to improve their knowledge and future job opportunities.


  • Indicator of satisfaction with our customers.
  • Ethics practice in businesses


  • Opportune payment of our commitments


  • Practice anticorruption policy


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