Inspección de componentes
Inspección de componentes
Tecnología Phased Array para inspecciones de soldaduras
Funciones y características del Omniscan SX
Inspección de soldaduras con la técnica TOFD
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Manufacturer: Olympus

The OmniScan ® SX is lightweight and has an intelligible touch screen 8.4-inch (21.3 cm), provides economical, high-capacity solutions. Unit offers two models: the SX SX PA and UT. The SX unit with a capacity of PA 16:64 PR account, like the SX UT unit, a channel ultrasonic (UT) inspection using conventional techniques for Pulse-Echo and TOFD Emission-Reception (in Spanish: diffraction technology flight time). Compared OmniScan MX2 team, the SX equipment is 33% lighter and 50% smaller, which allows unprecedented level of portability sets this new member of the family OmniScan.

The OmniScan SX touch screen offers a full-screen mode option that maximizes visibility, essentially converting many menu functions into easy touch-screen operations. The intuitive interface provides smooth menu selection, zooming, gate adjustments, cursor movements, and text and value input. These, along with other premium integrated features, including easy-to-follow setup and calibration Wizards, a rapid refresh rate for both the S-scan and A-scan displays, and a fast pulse repetition frequency (PRF), make the OmniScan SX a highly efficient inspection tool.

The OmniScan SX is fully compatible with the extensive portfolio of Olympus scanners, probes and accessories, as well as with its dedicated software companions, NDT SetupBuilder and OmniPC. Combined, the complete family of software and hardware contributes to a streamlined and efficient inspection workflow, from design and setup to acquisition and analysis.


The configuration of the inspection can be performed by the software NDT Setup Builder, and can be imported directly into the computer OmniScan SX through a SD high capacity memory or a USB device. To continue, its necessary to do some basic operations on the computer, such as door trim and range before starting data acquisition. Create a configuration directly on the device OmniScan SX is also very easy, and that is thanks to the following features:

• Automatic probe recognition
• Assistant stepping preconfigured of applications.
• Simulation of the solder mask and RayTracing representation.


To comply with regulatory inspection codes, the calibration wizard ensures that all focal laws of a respective group are equivalent to conventional flaw detector for a single channel.The user is guided step by step through the required calibrations comprising speed, Challenged shoe (or sole), Sensitivity, TCG, DAC, AWS, and calibration of the encoder. Now both the calibration of the distance between the centers of the probes in TOFD as aligning the lateral wave may be carried out automatically.

Phased Array Technology for Weld Inspection

OmniScan PA is located at the center of solutions or semi-manual inspections ultrasonic phased array that have been developed by Olympus for the oil and gas industry. These systems can be used for inspections must comply with regulatory codes of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), the American Petroleum Institute (API), and other normative criteria ; this ensures highly rapid detection capabilities and facilitate the interpretation of the indications or defects.

Corrosion mapping and inspection of compounds

Inspection of zero degrees with the arrival of OmniScan SX is now more accessible. Spections of corrosion or compounds, Olympus offers verified solutions for detecting anomalies and loss of material thickness.

Weld Inspection with TOFD technique

The approach offered by TOFD inspection technique is easy and efficient for primary custody of defects in welds. OFD is quick, profitable and able to provide the size of the defects found in the volume of the weld bead, since the latter represents a problem area that usually contains manufacturing defects.

Component Inspection

Along with ultrasound techniques, component inspection to detect defects fracture (cracks), loss of material thickness and other damage. Thanks to the ability of angular and linear of cero degrees, the equipment OmniScan SX is a solution provided a critical price-performance for this type of inspection of a single group relationship.

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