EPOCH 1000

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Manufacturer: Olympus

The EPOCH 1000 is an advanced conventional flaw detector that ultrasound can be optimized by adding the Phased Array imaging. Its key features are: compliance with EN12668-1 standard, 37 digital filters in the receiver and a pulse repetition frequency of 6 kHz for high speed inspection.

Teams from the EPOCH 1000 Series detectors and portable digital artifacts that combine the high performance of conventional ultrasound detection efficiency with phased array imaging. The EPOCH 1000, 1000i 1000iR and conform to EN12668-1 standard and is characterized by its horizontal design, VGA screen, its knob and arrow keys for navigation and parameter adjustment. The EPOCH 1000i is also able to create images that extend the phased array ultrasonic scope of functionalities.

The EPOCH 1000 is equipped with effective to create reports that enable dynamic output information in a variety of formats tools. Reports can be created directly on the screen from the files stored and sent to the desired destination drive (Compact Flash or USB) in HTML format. There are two report models according to the necessary information to be included in the report. Custom logo can be imported and used in the report, instead of the standard Olympus logo.


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