Identificación de las aleaciones
Identificación de las aleaciones
Configuración del analizador XRF portátil DELTA
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Manufacturer: Olympus
The DELTA Premium, with advanced 40kV tube and large area SDD detector, works best for ultra-quick, analytically demanding applications, such as detection of low levels of trace elements and light element analysis in low alloy steel, soil, mining, and metallurgical samples.

The DELTA Premium incorporates everything you need in a handheld XRF with state-of-the-art innovation and a rugged design. Some DELTA Premium models can be configured with a 50kV tube to optimize LODs for high-Z and challenging elements, such as Ag, Cd, Sn, Ba, Cr, Sb, Te, and Rate Elements (REEs).

Features and Benefits:
  • Powerful 4W x-ray tube, 200 µA current (max), optimized beam settings
  • Tight geometry for exceptional LODs and high analysis throughput
  • Large-area SDD and customized x-ray tube options for exceptional sensitivity and precision for more elements and materials
  • Patent-pending automatic barametric pressure correction that adjusts calibration as needed for more accurate analysis of light elements.
  • Floating Point Processor: Provides more calculations in less time, and leverages more advanced calibration algorithms.
  • Integrated Bluetooth® for data input and output availabe in most countries
  • Integrated wide area heat sinks throughout the DELTA body for high power use in extreme temperatures
  • Analysis indicator lights visible from 360º to help ensure safe use
  • Advanced colortouch LCD screen for clarity, brightness, responsiveness, and energy efficiency for indoor/outdoor use
  • Accelerometer technology puts the unit into sleep mode to save energy when not in use (logs impacts for tool management)
  • DELTA PC Software for enhanced data analysis, calibration modeling, and optional closed beam operation
  • USB interface port for high-speed downloads and seamless PC control
  • Ergonominc rubberized handle for enhanced grip
  • Docking Station and Hot Swap Batteries


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