HydroFORM/RexoFORM Scanners

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Manufacturer: Olympus

High-performance corrosion mapping for rough and uneven surfaces
  • Easy gate synchronization with the front wall for OD and ID corrosion monitoring.
  • Wedge reflection is eliminated.
  • Coupling is optimized.
  • Provides excellent near-surface resolution.
HydroFORM utilizes an ingenious water-column concept that eliminates the need for a wedge, thus providing the benefits of a phased array immersion-tank inspection. This concept, which uses a low-flow water supply and consumable gaskets, offers excellent surface conformance and optimized coupling conditions, even on rough surfaces.


Quick and easy corrosion mapping for smooth surfaces and limited access areas
  • Smaller, lighter, and perfect for limited access areas (rope access).
  • Excellent surface coverage.
  • Operates without the need for a continuous water supply.
  • Affordable complement to the HydroFORM.
The RexoFORM is a new innovative wedge for phased array 0º and angle beam inspection with the Rexolite delay line. With its unique design, the RexoFORM can be used on pipes of different diameters with no need for multiple curved wedges. The RexoFORM is also compatible with the A12 and A14 standard probes, making it an affordable solution.

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